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Костромская региональная общественная организации помощи животным

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First inhabitants

The first one was a pure-bred shepherd female Umma with 8 puppies. They were found in a dumpsite. Probably the dog was cast off and after a while met some male dog with the corresponding result. During several months she lived here.
We usualy let her walk freely around because she always kept close to the building and was always near us. But one day she suddenly disapered. Till now we do not know what happened to her. Some of us think she was kidnapped. However since that incident we try to pay more attantion to everything arround.


P.S. It seems that this story has been continued. Two years latter we spotted a message about a stray shepherd female dog. And at once several of us felt a strong assurance that it was Umma. Her appearance changed a little because of stray life and several diseases, but after some investigation it has been concluded that it certainly is Umma! So she has been adopted by the founder of our society who intended to do it in the beginning.

A little later 7 puppies were found on railway. They groupped themselves warming each other right on cross-ties between rail-tracks.

railway_dogs.jpg railway-puppies.jpg

They were lucky – all have been adopted. However one of them, female Rida, later got to us again – already grown up and derelict. 

Another one was a hardly abused dog Alis that we saved from her owners with some struggle. She was kept on a chain and often beaten. At first it was even impossible to touch her. She started screaming when she saw a leash. And the founder of our society spent a lot of hours with her, just talking to her. Only several months later she began to trust us. And till now it is the only dog that walks freely within the shelter. Maybe she is still surprised what place is this where people do not hurt but only caress. It is our gift of happy life to her. We do not plan to give her for adoption.


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