Право на жизнь

Костромская региональная общественная организации помощи животным

Куратор собак: (4942) 504-323
Куратор кошек: (4942) 504-322
(все разговоры записываются)

How it started

Once upon a time there was a group of enthusiasts in Kostroma that used to help castaway dogs and cats most of which were either trashed newborns or animals suffered in incidents. At first they were kept in their savers’ homes. Sometimes there was assistance of several people who lived in private houses with yards where dogs or cats could have been temporarily kept. In 2013 those enthusiasts decided to register an official society and create a shelter for animals.

So here we are! Our society is named “Pravo-na-zhizn” what means “Right of life”. In October, 2013 we rented a partly destructed building at an abandoned farm near Kostroma where we planned to keep post-surgical animals for medical procedures.

Having looked at the building and having realized all the amount of work that ought to be done, we experienced rather complex feelings...

So we started...

Along with general fixing and reconstruction (that in fact never stops) several yards for dogs and cages for cats had been prepared inside very soon, and the shelter was ready to welcome its first inhabitants.

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